Inbound Logistics

VASCOR is a comprehensive logistics partner providing full visibility to the supply chain with world-class service and value to our customers. We customize our solutions as we understand that every supply chain solution is different. With VASCOR as your supply chain provider, you can concentrate on what you do best, making the product.


Below are the extensive logistics solutions we provide. Let us know what solution is right for you!

3PL Services

Transportation Management

Real-time tracking of all modes of transportation and 24/7/365 coverage provides full visibility to your supply chain.

Supply Chain Optimization

VASCOR optimizes the logistics network for the best cost and utilization, getting you more out of your supply chain spend.

Cost Savings/Continuous Improvement

We identify cost savings by improving your inbound supply chain for the best efficiency and utilization.

Trailer Utilization

VASCOR optimizes every trailer for utilization and the best return on your spend.

Parts Ordering

Inbound parts order management allows VASCOR to manage the inbound supply chain while providing part-level visibility to the plant for exception notification at the time of pickup.

Performance Reporting (KPI/Key Performance Indicators)

Customized KPI reporting provides the right data needed to make decisions for your supply chain.

Dashboard (Portal)

Web-based customized dashboards provide real-time updates in one location and allow you to make decisions quickly and accurately.


Our staff is available 24/7/365 to handle any expedited moves needed.

Freight Bill Payment and Audit

You will have peace of mind that you are always paying the correct amount for your shipments.

Other Services

Dedicated Transportation

Our company-owned assets and extensive dedicated partner carrier network provide services for JIT, JIS, round trip, milk runs, and one-way transportation.

Yard Management

Our dedicated personnel is on-site to manage your trailer yard with full status and visibility.

Specialized Trailer Design

VASCOR designs customized trailers built to improve your production system’s productivity and efficiency.

IT Systems 

VASCOR provides multiple tools to produce the best efficiency and optimization for your supply chain. Each tool offers state-of-the-art functions with information and data to manage the supply chain and allows our customers to focus on what they do best, making parts.

VASCOR designed the TMS for the just-in-time supply chain to provide the best service to our customers with real-time exception notifications sent to all stakeholders.

Our mobile app provides real-time tracking of all shipments to allow full route visibility.

The web-based dashboard is customized per customer requirements to show your supply chain's most relevant information and data.

OMS provides part-level visibility and route-level detail for a full visual of the supply chain from start to finish with route optimization from suppliers to the plant.

Supply Chain Optimizer is customized for your entire network to allow for the best utilization of trailers and optimization of routes.

Trailer Utilization Optimizer maximizes every route and trailer's efficiency to deliver the desired optimization for your routing.

Our Yard Management System provides the location, inventory, and trailer status of all the equipment in your yard.

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