Finished Vehicle Logistics

VASCOR is a leading provider of finished vehicle services in North America and maintains an excellent reputation for streamlined operations, systems integrity, and damage-free handling of our customers’ vehicles with customized solutions based on the supply chain need.  With VASCOR, OEMs can remain focused on building quality vehicles for the automotive industry.  


Below are the various finished vehicle services we provide.  Let us know what solution is right for you!

Finished Vehicle 3PL Management

VASCOR manages vehicle flow through the entire supply chain with a control tower connected to all major truck, rail, and ocean shipping companies providing real-time status visibility including dynamic ETAs, exception alerting, and a dealer portal.

Yard Management

With efficient yard layouts to maximize productivity along with a proprietary pre-bay system and security management controls, our yard management solution provides real-time inventory control, ensuring efficient and timely delivery of your vehicles to their destination.

Plant Releasing

Our plant releasing solution includes real-time vehicle buy-off, quality vehicle inspections, vehicle dispatch according to the destination, and rail loading and unloading, resulting in reduced handling and the best utilization of space for your vehicles.

Vehicle Transportation (Driveway)

Vehicle distribution via driveaway with Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD) is the most cost-effective delivery method to reduce your truck capacity requirements for short distances.

Accessory Installations and Upfitting

Well trained and certified installers perform high-quality vehicle accessory installations and pre-delivery inspections per OEM quality standards.

Rail Loading/Unloading

Our rail loading and unloading solutions ensure safe, efficient, and accurate loading of vehicles onto railcars, resulting in less damage and dwell time of your vehicles.

Vehicle Inspections

With VASCOR as your quality inspection provider, we perform root cause analysis to identify and reduce damage in your finished vehicle supply chain.

Claims Management

The VASCOR claims management solution improves cash flow for our customers’ vehicle damage claims due to an enhanced adjudication process.

Temporary Vehicle Yard Management

Temporary vehicle storage yards are fast and flexible to accommodate customer campaigns, quality holds, extended dwell times, and outbound capacity constraints.

In-Transit Repair Management

In-transit repair management facilitates repairs of vehicles through coordination with OEM approved body shops resulting in damage-free delivery to the dealer.


AutoDirect℠ offers containerized vehicle shipping and is an optimal solution requiring less stock and more profitability for our customers, reducing the risk of damage and theft.

Protective Coating Application

The protective coating application process protects paint finishes from small chips and dust particles during transit for a factory-fresh delivery of your vehicle to the dealer.

REPUVE Chip Installation

REPUVE government chip installation and data transmission to the Public Vehicle Registry guarantees manufacturer compliance to reduce car theft and improve recovery of stolen vehicles in Mexico.

IT Systems 

VASCOR provides mobile data for a mobile workforce, with real-time data collected throughout the supply chain.  Our robust IT tools translate vast quantities of data into actionable intelligence engineered to accommodate changes in volume. The seamless integration of supply chain information means our solutions can easily and rapidly grow to provide an increasing range of analytics, further supporting changing business requirements ranging from comprehensive historical data analysis to predictive modeling that helps drive improvements. Role-based interactive analytics facilitate process improvement initiatives that improve quality, reduce costs, and increase efficiency for your finished vehicle supply chain.

  • Yard Mapping Visualizer
  • Modules based on services
  • Used throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, India
  • Android/iOS
  • Captures data real-time
  • Multi-lingual
  • Latitude and longitude capture
  • Date and time capture
  • Interactive alerts
  • Document and Photo capture
  • Damage claim receipt
  • Adjudication
  • Payment Trigger
  • Data storage
  • Document and photos associated with vehicles, loads, and events
  • VASCOR systems run on private cloud
  • Redundancy for no single points of failure and maximum uptime

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