A privately held joint venture between APL Logistics® and Fujitrans Corporation,® VASCOR is infused with expertise that comes from our connection to our owners’ global supply chain solutions in more than 50 countries across six continents, and includes overseas subsidiaries and partners. Our experience extends well beyond the automotive sector across multiple industries.

At VASCOR, we strive to always go beyond simply meeting stated goals by delivering added value. Below are the most recent awards we’ve received from customers that reflect our success in fulfilling that objective:

2018 Outstanding Performance for Outbound Vehicle Yard Manager

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

2018 Outstanding Performance

VASCOR was awarded the 2018 Outstanding Performance for Outbound Vehicle Yard Manager at the annual FCA Supplier Event. This award recognizes VASCOR’s extraordinary efforts in keeping FCA’s supply chain moving.

Union Pacific - 2018 Kaizen Award

Union Pacific

2018 Kaizen Award

Union Pacific Railroad honored VASCOR with the first ever Kaizen Award at their contractor meeting held in Mira Loma, CA. The Kaizen award recognizes VASCOR’s focus on continuous improvement processes including problem identification, root cause analysis, countermeasure implementation, and measurable results.

2017 Service Excellence Award

Automotive Supply Chain Magazine

2017 Service Excellence Award

Automotive Supply Chain honored VASCOR with the 2017 Service Excellence Award at the annual Automotive Global Awards North America for its work developing a mobile application supporting its Finished Vehicle division. This application enables VASCOR to provide customers with visibility to rail loading activity from anywhere in the world in real-time as vehicles are loaded on the railcars.

Automotive Supply Chain - 2016 Innovation Partnership Award

Automotive Supply Chain Magazine

2016 Innovation Partnership Award

VASCOR was awarded the 2016 Innovation Partnership Award from Automotive Supply Chain for its work with the India Railroad in further developing finished vehicle distribution by rail across the country. This work included the development, construction and ownership of a new, double-deck railcar design that set a new standard for rail transportation in India. The service provided is door to door finished vehicle distribution across India via rail taking pressure off the congested road network and providing incremental revenue and foreign investment for the India Railroad.

2015 Hyundai Glovis Award

Hyundai Glovis

2015 Special Services Award

VASCOR was recognized by Hyundai Glovis for outstanding support of their finished vehicle network across North America. As nonstandard needs arose, VASCOR was able to jump in with quick and effective solutions that allowed Hyundai Glovis to better satisfy their customers' needs.

Automotive Supply Chain - 2015 Vehicle Processing Center Award

Automotive Supply Chain Magazine

2015 Vehicle Processing Center Award

Automotive Supply Chain North America recognized VASCOR with the 2015 Vehicle Processing Center Award for its outstanding work with Toyota at the San Diego Operation. VASCOR helps facilitate the movement of finished vehicles from the assembly plant into the distribution supply chain with the upfitting of accessories/other at the site as key value added services.

Association Of American Railroads - 2015 Appreciation Award.jpg

Association of American Railroads

2015 Appreciation Award

The Association of American Railroads recognized VASCOR with the 2015 Appreciation Award for 10 years of support for their organization. VASCOR is very proud to support the AAR.

Hino Motor Manufacturing - 2015 Value Achievement Award

Hino Motor Sales

2015 Value Achievement Award

VASCOR was recognized with the 2015 Value Achievement Award from Hino Motor Sales as the result of a strong collaborative logistics initiative between our organizations, which resulted in exceeding their target of delivering over 10,000 vehicles to their customers.

2013 Chrysler Mexico Award

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

2013 Best Service Supplier Award

Chrysler Mexico presented VASCOR de Mexico with the Best Service Supplier Award at the annual Quality Logistics Workshop. This award recognizes VASCOR’s excellent service in quality logistics across a myriad of services in the finished vehicle supply chain in Mexico.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles - 2013 Outstanding Support for KL Launch.jpg

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

2013 Outstanding Support for KL Launch

Chrysler recently recognized VASCOR with a 2013 Special Recognition Award for going above and beyond in support of the KL launch in the fall. VASCOR provided a myriad of services during the launch that supported the efficient flow of vehicles to the dealers. VASCOR’s significant yard network coupled with leading edge IT applications proved to be a winning combination in bringing significant value to Chrysler. VASCOR very much appreciates the recognition and looks forward to continued success with the Chrysler relationship.

2011 Hino Excellence In Value Improvement Award

Hino Motor Manufacturing

2011 Excellence in Value Improvement

Hino Motors Manufacturing U.S.A. honored VASCOR, Ltd. with one of the most prestigious awards at the Annual Business Meeting held in Farmington Hills, MI.

The Excellence in Value Improvement Award recognizes VASCOR, Ltd.'s outstanding performance as a supplier partner.

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