Finished Vehicle Logistics

As your 3PL provider, VASCOR has the connections and the quality-control processes to ensure that your finished vehicles are tracked and documented throughout the shipping process.

VASCOR's FVS Mobile app


Each vehicle entrusted to VASCOR gets inspected at every single handoff throughout the supply chain. On average, VASCOR inspection professionals survey the condition of a new vehicle once every two seconds. It’s a process that has been refined and optimized, touching nearly 20 million vehicles last year alone, so you can rest assured that your vehicles are in good hands every step of the way.

"It’s like final inspection on the assembly line, over and over again."

VASCOR's FVS Mobile app

Yard Management And Plant Releasing

VASCOR operates dozens of holding yards across North America, facilitating a smooth transition of finished vehicles into the final stages of the logistics pipeline, including mixing yards for sorting of vehicles according to destination. Benefits include:

  • Accessorizing services optimize factory utilization
  • Real-time inventory and status visibility
  • Pre-bay capabilities reduce dwell time and optimize vehicle flow
  • Rail loading provides safe, efficient and accurate loading of units on to railcars
  • Reduced handling reduces damage costs
  • Efficient yard layouts maximize productivity
  • Driveaway distribution reduces transportation costs for short-haul movements
  • Teamwork and communication enable higher quality and time savings

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